TM Workout

Monday March 12, 2012


This will be the second year I’m participating in a race called the Tough Mudder.

I swear I’m not crazy.

I use my phone to time myself while I’m doing circuit training, but I have a hard time remembering all the exercises. I’d wind up spending more time than I needed to switching back and forth from the timer to the training prep page that Tough Mudder has on their website.*

Tough Mudder Workout Screenshot

I get terrible reception at the gym, and their page took too long to load, so I copied their regime and strove to keep the page as light as possible. There are no images, limited CSS and one tiny script. Operation is pretty simple. Tap an exercise number and the progress bar fills up over the course of a minute, how long I’m supposed to work out at each station, and fades out over 15 seconds, the duration of the rest period. Simple.

See it in action.

*Another hack: Load up the page with your workout, set your screen to shut off at 1 min of inactivity and just keep an eye on it through your set.


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